Plant-A-Tree is an open-source Microsoft® Excel Add-In that you can use to make decision trees for use in economic evaluations or any decision problem you are facing. It is free and simple-to-use – try it for yourself and download now!



A discounting multiplier generator is a template to help generate the discounting multipliers for cost and QALY in your Markov model whose cycle length is less than one year and is measured at month level. 


What is GEAR Online Resource?

To start, we introduce you to GEAR online resource’s several features:

  • Mind mapping that provides solutions (long- and short-term) to common and important methodological difficulties
  • Comparisons of recommendations from selected health economics guidelines
  • “Ask an Expert,” a question-and-answer feature that allows users to pose questions to experts on issues that are not dealt with in the other features of the website

Understanding GEAR

Do you want to understand a little more on what GEAR can offer to you? Watch this animation that explains in the simplest way possible the features of GEAR. 

What's hot in the field

New DCEA handbook, An all-in-one guide to economic evaluation of equity impacts and trade-offs.

Author: Jarut Khetjumnun

The definitive guide to equity methods in health economic evaluation - a landmark in the field. Michael Drummond, Professor of Health Economics, University of York, UK

 A thorough and accessible overview; the introductory chapters should be part of any graduate-level course on health economic evaluation. Milton Weinstein, Research Professor of Health Policy and Management, Harvard University, USA

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Mind Mapping

How do we conceptualize ideas and find solutions? We map them out!

The mind map feature of the GEAR online resource provides users with a way to address their challenges through short-term and long-term solutions visually represented through the mind map. The right-side provides researchers with immediate solutions for their current challenges based on available information. The left-side shows researchers which questions arise from the methodological challenges presented and the hypotheses they are based on.

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A new HTA guideline from a high-income country, Japan, added to the GEAR database

The Central Social Insurance Medical Council (Chuikyo) under the Japanese Ministry of Health and Labour Welfare determines the official price and pricing system (for any changes) of drugs and medical devices. Effective ways for them to keep healthcare expenditure low in the face of Japan's aging society and the development of new, high-priced technologies are of increasing interest and importance. Since 2016, the Council has implemented economic evaluations on a trial basis to address this concern (Shiroiwa et al).


The Special Committee on Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation, a subcommittee within the Chuikyo comprised of representatives from "healthcare payers [...], health care professionals [...], and public interest groups (e.g. academics)" as well as non-voting  industry representatives and health economists, have discussed and built consensus on the use of economic evaluations for future re-pricing of drugs, medical devices, as well as interventions using expensive medical devices (by 2018). This Chuikyo-approved guideline is required when manufacturers and other groups submit cost-effectiveness analyses to the council (Shiroiwa et al).


Source: Shiroiwa, Takeru, et al. "Development of an official guideline for the economic evaluation of drugs/medical devices in Japan." Value in Health 20.3 (2017): 372-378. 

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