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Can discount rates use the country’s inflation rates, instead of using rates such as 3-6%, as indicated in some guidelines?

Can discount rates use the country’s inflation rates, instead of using rates such as 3-6%, as indicated in some guidelines?

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Cost effectiveness thresholds

How can a country ensure that the cost effectiveness thresholds that they will set are appropriate?

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Sample size for economic evaluation

There are always concern for calculating power and sample size in economic evaluation, whether the number of samples is representative enough and the result could be generalized to the population. Is there any standard method for sample size calculation in economic evaluation? And whether the method...

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Provider Based Costing Sampling

I am conducting research in health centers. Two types of costing providers, center specific and non center specific. What criteria do I have to choose for one health center to be representative of others or what number of health center should I use to make it representative?

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tools or instrument or scale

Hi we are going to make a change in some health care programs, now i'm looking for some valid tools, scales,...which can help to assess cost-effectiveness of new program. I want to assess cost-effectiveness of new program based on it's needed equipment, facilities, employees, and space. Is there ...

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how to conduct an economic evaluation of already existing program?

There is a program in my country which have started a decade ago. The government want to conduct economic evaluation of that program in a health facility. The program has both curative and preventive interventions for primary health care (vaccination, de-worming, family health, health education and ...

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For instance, the equipment was bought in 2017 and its lifespan is 10 years, I want to calculate the cost of this equipment for 2019. How do I annulize the cost of medical equipment? Do I need to convert the cost of equipment to current year using CPI before annulizing the cost or annulize directl...

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estimating real income and comparing to Int. Dollar

I was doing an article on real income of health workers in Ethiopia. I have average annual salary of 14 years. so, I want to see whether the salary increase over year or not compared to GDP per capita. I decided to use the GDP per capita in 2011 constant international dollar. I have the data now. 1...

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ICER threshold

I am doing my master thesis on the model-based cost-effectiveness of cardiovascular risk screening program in Zambia. P: population in Zambia age 40 - 79 years old I: non-laboratory-based WHO CVD risk chart and laboratory-based WHO CVD risk chart C: no screening, comparison between non-laboratory-ba...

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May I know how the opportunity cost was calculated with reference to the CET for India?

This is in reference to the HTAsiaLink Webinar Series

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Determining Discount Factors

How do we determine discount factors. Whether there should be different discount factors for different conditions?

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