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What is a QALY?

Asked: 09 May 2017  |   1305  |   1

Sample for utility

In terms of number of respondents required for utility data, is there any standardized formula to calculate? And whether it is justifiable to calculate using proportion estimation? In case of the limited sample (e.g. rare disease, low survival rate) and do not meet the expected sample (as calculat...

Asked: 12 Apr 2018  |   1086  |   1

Using DALY in modelling

Hello there, I am Amanuel from Ethiopia. I am conducting a thesis paper in cost effectiveness of HIV testing modalities and assisting others in economic evaluation. In my work, we conduct our research using decision tree modelling and Markov modelling. How should DALY be used for decision tree model...

Asked: 31 Jul 2018  |   1539  |   3

WHO threshold report for outcomes other than DALY

Hello there. I am conducting a thesis on CEA. my outcome report is in cost per HIV positive client identified. The WHO threshold recommend GDP per capita compared with cost per DALY averted. I saw one study report their finding in cost per positive client identified and compare it with the country'...

Asked: 21 Aug 2018  |   1411  |   3

how to conduct an economic evaluation of already existing program?

There is a program in my country which have started a decade ago. The government want to conduct economic evaluation of that program in a health facility. The program has both curative and preventive interventions for primary health care (vaccination, de-worming, family health, health education and ...

Asked: 13 Apr 2019  |   1110  |   2

Is life year gained (LYG) estimate suitable for use with the WHO threshold?

We did a cost-effectiveness study of a program using LiST spectrum. We have reported our findings in cost per life year gained (LYG). Is it possible to compare the cost per LYG with the WHO GDP/capita threshold? The GDP/capita of the WHO is in cost per DALY. Or, is there a way to convert LYG to DALY...

Asked: 07 Sep 2019  |   1109  |   3